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Gallery submissions:

You can only submit 2 quality galleries a day *maximum* and they need to follow *all* these rules:
  • NO popups
  • NO redirecting (301, 302, meta, javascript, ...)
  • NO auto bookmarking or startup page changes
  • NO javascript to alter the browser's status bar
  • NO target tags, frames or iframes
  • NO nasty javascript (.class files, fromcharcode, etc.)
  • NO ads that look like thumbs
  • NO illegal content (child pornography, beastiality, torture, rape depiction, etc.)
  • NO changes may be made to your galleries when they get listed, and they need to stay online for minimum 2 months

  • minimum 6 pictures or 1 movie (but keep the amount of ads in relation to the amount of pics)
  • thumbs link to the big pictures
  • the big pictures are loaded directly, not in a seperate html file
All galleries get checked daily, break any of these rules and we will delete your galleries and blacklist your domains!
If a gallery gives a 500, 404 or other non-200 code, they will be deleted.

You do not need to put a reciprocal link on your gallery, but it will be very
much appreciated
, and you will get a better listing if you do so. So again: no recip required!

However, if you put up a recip to me, put at least 2 other recips from other tgp's on the gallery too, and ofcourse also submit the gallery to those tgp's. I like a clean gallery more than a gallery with just 1 recip (to Sleazepit), so either submit clean galleries, or galleries with some other recips too (but ofcourse don't overdo it, use common sense).

You can use our banner:

with the following code:
<A HREF=""> <IMG SRC="sp_ban.gif" ALT="Sleazepit TGP - Daily updated free porn" BORDER="0"></A>
our button:

with the following code:
<A HREF=""> <IMG SRC="sp_but.gif" ALT="Sleazepit TGP - Daily updated free porn" BORDER="0"></A>
a html box:

Sleazepit TGP

Daily updated free porn!

with the following code:
<TABLE BORDER="1" WIDTH="170" BGCOLOR="#000000"> <TR BGCOLOR="#7CCCD9"><TD ALIGN="CENTER"><B><H3> <A HREF="">Sleazepit TGP</A></H3></B> Daily updated <B>free porn</B>!</TD></TR> </TABLE>
a fat text link:
<H3><A HREF="">Sleazepit TGP - Daily updated free porn</A></H3>
or a simple text link:
<A HREF="">Sleazepit TGP - Daily updated free porn</A>
If you choose to use the banner or the button, please download the image to your own server!
Do NOT link to the image on our server!

We get +500 submissions a day, but only list about 30 galleries a day... This means that we only take the best galleries! Give crappy descriptions (all uppercase, all first uppercase, crap english, ...), wrong categories or piccounts, and we will just delete your gallery, we don't have the time to correct them. But, if you submit good quality galleries, you will get good quality traffic!

>> We are looking for steady and reliable submitters to become partners.
>> Click here to apply for a partner account.

(if you can't read the code, just reload the page for a new code)
We know the code is hard to read, please take the time to enter a correct code.

your full name: (*)

your e-mail address: (*)

your password: (Only fill in if you have one -- you can apply for a partner account here)

gallery url: (*)

gallery description: (*)

NOT all in capitals, no picture counts, and correct english please

gallery main category: (*)

You can now choose a sub category for your gallery, for example if your gallery features lesbian teens, you could choose "teen" as main category, and "lesbian" as sub category. A sub category is not mandatory, only main category is needed.

*NEW*gallery sub category: (you can leave this blank if you want)

using free host?: (*)
Yes / No

Pick thumbnail or upload?: (*)
Let the script pick a thumb itself
Upload a thumb to use (150x200):
Upload a picture for the script to crop:

          (*) means mandatory

If the script gives an error of any kind, please contact me (also add your gallery URL and details to the mail)

Other great sites to submit to:

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